Fun with Blackberries

It was a dull, wet, autumn, Friday morning but that didn’t matter to the children of Lehinch Primary and Lehinch Little Learners Pre-School who were planning to go on a hunt for blackberries.

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Wrapped up in rain gear and wellies, we set off on the footpath towards Clooncormack where we found lots of big, juicy blackberries. There was a race to fill the bowls, oblivious to the rain pouring down on us.

Having left the bushes bare, we set off back towards the warm kitchen and classroom in Hollymount Hall to make our blackberry and apple crumble.

Two by two, we walked hand in hand chatting about anything that entered our heads.

Kathleen, our school assistant gave everyone jobs, washing, chopping, peeling, weighing, crumbling and mixing.

Fr. Murphy came for a visit just in time to save us from the Irish spelling test and instead help us dish out and eat the delicious fruit crumble.

Thank you to all children for helping to make a warm, tasty, autumn dessert.
Next Wednesday we look forward to a visit from retired teacher, Maureen Ní Mhuruchú who will carry out a practical workshop on how to make soup trí mheán Na Gaeilge.


Teaching Principal since 2005. Passionate about the use of technology in the classroom to promote and instil a love for learning.

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