Wish List of Aistear Resources

Aistear Resources Wish ListHelp Needed with Aistear Wish List

Aistear  is the early childhood curriculum framework for all children from birth to six years in Ireland. Aistear emphasises the importance of play based methodologies in supporting children’s learning and development. Aistear recognises that children do not compartmentalise their learning into subject areas, but allows children to explore many subject areas under a common theme, for example the theme of ‘winter’. You can learn more about Aistear by visiting the National Council on Curriculum and Assessment’s website at http://www.ncca.ie/en/Curriculum_and_Assessment/Early_Childhood_and_Primary_Education/

In order to implement the Aistear curriculum fully and to ensure that the children benefit as much as possible, we need resources. The good news is that many of the resources we need are things that you may have at home and no longer want. We have compiled a list of some items that we will need to deliver the Aistear curriculum over the coming weeks. If you have any of these items at home, and could bring them in to school, we would really appreciate it. This list will be updated throughout the year.

Your help is greatly appreciated and essential to the successful implementation of the Aistear curriculum in our school.

Kind regards,

Sheila Jennings (Principal)

Aistear Resources Wish List

 Thank you for your help

toy mini-figures (e.g. lego men, plastic figures, miniature police, fire officers, nurses, doctors, farmers,children, etc. )

toy miniature animals (e.g. farm animals, jungle animals, pets, birds, polar bears, penguins, insects)

toy houses/buildings (e.g. dolls house, farm sets, shop buildings, etc)

miniature cars, ambulances, fire brigades, police cars, boats, etc.

car and town mats

puppets (hand and finger puppets)

unwanted clean fabric (including hessian)

tents in good condition

camouflage sheets


miniature road signs

blocks and lego (big and small)

map of Ireland

magnets and magnetic tape

unwanted microphone (toy or real)

camping chair

Real household equipment, clean and in good condition but electrical items do not need to be working (phones, toasters, kettles, pots, pans, utensils, jugs, cameras, video cameras)

toy doctor set

dress up costumes

toy musical instruments


plastic food

play money

large and small storage containers (take away tubs, etc)

plastic baking bowls

wall paper rolls or any rolls of paper

oil table cloths


cotton wool (rolls or balls)

baking flour