Information for Pre-School (ECCE) Parents


Dear Pre-School Parent,

Thank you for expressing an interest in our pre-school ‘Lehinch Little Learners”. The pre-school will operate from Hollymount Community Centre for a short period until the building at Lissatava is complete. The service will commence on September 1st.  We plan to be in the new building by early November.

Sarah Madden/Rabias will take up the post of Childcare Manager at Lehinch Little Learners. Sarah currently works as a childminder with Ashford Castle and Lisloughrey Lodge playgroup working with children from infants to 10 years. Sarah holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and has a great love for and interest in children.
The ECCE pre-school service will be provided for from the hours of 9a.m to 12 noon. A healthy breakfast club will be available from 8:30a.m free of charge. Fruit, snacks and small, cold lunches will be provided free of charge to the children at late morning break. The pre-school children will join with the primary school children for these meals.
To reserve a place for your child, please fill out the online Pre-school Enrolment form at by Friday, August 12th.  This is to ensure we receive the correct capitation grant for our service on time. We are delighted to report that to date, parents of seven children have expressed genuine interest in enrolment at Lehinch Little Learners for September 2016.
We appreciate your support with our small Child Care Service and have no doubt you will be very happy.
Please see the attachment to this email for further information on how you can support your child with the Early Years Education Programme. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries or concerns.
Kind Regards,
Sheila Jennings (Primary Principal)