Intergenerational Day 2016


Intergenerational Day integrates the wisdom and insight of the elderly with the energy and enthusiasm of the young.  There was a burst of energy and happiness in the classroom which gathered young and old to share wisdom, experiences education and skills with one another at our Intergenerational day on Tuesday, June 14th.  Past pupil, Bridie McMahon organised the event, inviting older past pupils of Lehinch N.S  to share their memories and experiences of their school days and to receive an insight into what life is like for pupil in school today.

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‘A memories table displayed some artefacts from the past which included: pound notes, a last, a washboard, an iron and a photograph taken in 1924 of the boys attending Lehinch N.S.  This was a time when boys were separated from girls at school.  Bridie explained how the Iron was heated over the open fire and then used when very hot to iron the clothes.   The pupils brought turf to school to light the open fire for the principal.

The clothes were washed by hand using a washboard.  This was hard work done by the woman of the house.  It was explained that a shoe last is a foot-shaped form which was used by the cobbler to shape shoes in the making.

Past pupil, Michael-John Murphy recalled his days at school, a time when the train went past twice daily and the children used to count the carriages for fun, however he reminded the children of the dangers of trains as his own Dad’s life was taken due to an accident on the railway.  The sound of the train was an indicator of time in those days, bringing people home from a hard day’s work in the bog on sunny, summer evenings.

James Connolly’ and ‘Sally Gardens’ were amongst some of the songs and tunes played and sang by the pupils.  Infants dressed up and used props to perform an Irish and English song. Past pupil, Bob Colleran wrote and sang her own song about her memories of attending Lehinch N.S.  The sweetness of her voice captured a noticeable silence in a room full of small children.

Marty Joyce sang ‘Take Me Home to Mayo’ and everyone joined in the chorus.  He also showed the pupils an old programme from the All-Ireland Football Final of 1936 when Mayo won 4-11 to Laois 0-5.

To end the day, the pupils invited the older past pupils to take part in an interactive online general knowledge quiz using the kahoot platform.  The children supported the quiz participants helping them to use the devices and the user interface to the kahoot platform.

This event was a valuable support to  History, ICT and SPHE (Social, Personal and Health Education) on the Primary Curriculum.  A big thank you to Bridie McMahon for organising the event and to all the past pupils who came into our school to share Intergenerational day.  It was also lovely to have some of our new pre-schoolers for September 2016 present for the celebration.



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  1. Congratulations Sighle and all.Uniforms are fab.
    Looking forward to the big official opening day of Playschool etc.
    Let gach Dea ghui Brid Ni Mhathuna.

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