Welcome to our new pupils and Childcare Manager at ‘Lehinch Little Learners’

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We are delighted to welcome our six new pupils to Lehinch Little Learners Pre-School which will operate in the school building of Lehinch Primary School. The children are under the care of our new Childcare Manager, Sara Rabias-Madden who has lots of experience in caring for young children and who holds a degree in Early Childhood Education.

The primary school children are delighted with the presence and fun the young pre-school children bring to our small school.

All pupils started back on September 1st looking so well in their new, bright coloured uniform which holds a crest of coloured hands reaching for stars. The crest depicts our willingness to strive to reach our potential and the various colours of hands represent the importance of equality and diversity  in our school. Nicola Conroy, past pupil embroidered the crests on all pupils and staff uniforms. Nicola operates her business, Newtown Embroidery in the village of Ballindine. She kindly came to visit us all on our first week back to see her work complete and get a photo with us all. image

Thank you to all the families from our Primary and Pre-School who support us.  We now open for breakfast club from 8:20 am and are operating from Hollymount Hall until the building works at Lehinch School are complete.


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