A letter from Andy Moran…

Students sent an  email to Andy Moran, former Mayo Senior Football Captain, sharing their story and seeking advice from him.  We appreciate Andy taking time out from his busy schedule to reply and share this really sound advice for our young students.  We hope you don’t mind Andy but we think this is valuable advice for all young people and therefore worthwhile publishing and sharing.

Here’s his reply:-

Hi to all the students and thank you for the lovely letter,

I am delighted to hear that you girls and guys are doing so much work to help produce a healthy mind and body.  I am particularly happy that you all recognise the difference exercise makes to your energy levels.  I always think that exercise is very similar to putting fuel into a car.  Exercise fuels your body and your mind to make you fitter and stronger individuals.

How do you continue to stay interested and enthusiastic when you have had to walk away from Sam so many times?
In todays world people are afraid to fail because what other people think about them.  However, failing is the way we learn, the way we grow and the way we get better as individuals.  I truly believe that the real failing is to never try.  When I was younger in primary school my dream was to play for Mayo.  Each day I am now living that dream.  To me it has been my biggest honour representing Mayo football so losing is hard but it would be much harder to never have tried.
Do you ever get angry? 
Yes.  Anger is an emotion.  We all get angry but this anger doesn’t last, it passes.  the most important thing is that we recognise that anger is just a passing emotion.  Like the handpads you use I have ways of coping with emotions like anger. 
Were you sad when you got injured and couldn’t play for your team? 
Yes.  I was really sad and it was hard to deal with.  I couldn’t play with my team mates for 9 months.  During those 9 months I got married to my wife Jennifer so I also had different things to occupy me.
What kind of diet have you got?
My diet is different than other players on the team.  The key thing for me is to try and stay away from sugar.  I try to avoid soft drinks, crisps, lucozade sport, sweets and biscuits as much as possible.  
We would also like you to share your ideas on how to keep enthusiastic and stay focused even when things get really difficult and we fail.  
If I was going to give advise to young people who love sport it would be “be the hardest worker and have the most fun”.  When young people do this they will grow to love the game.  I always believe that fun is the number 1 reason that you should play sport.  For me it is still the number 1 reason why I play Gaelic football.  Will there be obstacles to this such as losing, injury etc of course.  But if you always remember that football is your pastime I believe you will always love the game.
Thanks again for your lovely letter and keep up the good work.  If I am passing the school some day I will pop in to say hi



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